We are the POS (Point of Sale) experts
From your design or ours on a package, to the intricate engineering of the folding and structure, Major Packaging has over 20 years experience to draw on.


POS engineering

Our team use principles of structural analysis to develop packages from a wide variety of rigid and flexible materials. Some have scores or creases to allow controlled folding into package shapes. Packages are often developed for high speed fabrication, filling, processing, and shipment.

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Display stands, Posters and Shippers

To differentiate your product from all the other competitive clutter, or to present your product in a unique way, we can design and produce a specialty solution, your options are nearly endless. attractive, yet functional. Majors collection of specialty construction includes product display stands, book stands, shipper boxes and more. Major will help you create a display that will help your product sell better than you ever thought possible.

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Counter displays and Hang Sell

As well as the style, the material you choose, paper, board or even plastic can be gloss, matte or solid color, printed with a theme or pattern, flat or textured. Your package can even be a wrapped with a foil paper. Careful consideration must be given to branding and how your product is displayed for sale. Major Packaging has a range of tried and tested samples, just ask for a recommendation.

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