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Major Graphics Print & Packaging
Is a full service printing company with 4 and 6 colour machines, digital and eco friendly printing using soya based inks, recycled and accredited PEEC FSC paper used when required with chem free plates, citrus based solvents and environmental waste management.

In addition to our day to day brochure, magazine and leaflet printing, Major Graphics Packaging is a specialist division devoted to the design and production of product packaging. Our design engineers and sophisticated equipment can offer you many robust solutions and options. Technology integration with years of experience and a streamlined no-nonsense production work flow, all contribute to a powerful yet user friendly experience from start to finish.

  • Multiple Layout Ideas
  • Multiple Content Options
  • Advanced Print Techniques
  • Advanced Assembly
  • Custom Configurations
  • Timeline Considerations

To learn more about the way we work and how we can help you implement your project, please call for a free evaluation by one of our experienced representatives.

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According to Wikipedia, packaging is the science and technology of enclosing or protecting products for distribution, storage, sale, and use.

Strangely enough, because most people judge a product by its packaging, the packaging can sometimes cost even more than the product itself. In the end, almost any product packed in a fancy package would win against the best product in a lame package.

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